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Am I Going On A Diet?

It’s 2020 yáll! We made it (Thank God)! So this year I decided I was going to have a few resolutions because year after year I would write down resolutions that I didn’t accomplish or totally forget about. Here are my 2020 resolutions:

a. Be present

By being present I don’t mean show up physically to things while being mentally absent. I want to be present physically and mentally.

b. Be in the best shape I can be

If six-pack is not my portion so be it. I want to be in the best shape my body can handle! If my best shape is a potbelly *laugh* so be it.

c. Be happy always

Life is short and I don’t want to be Miss Grumpy. I am daring myself to be happy regardless of everything happening around me.

d. Give God time

I don’t know how many times I have crashed out before minutes with God because I am too exhausted. This year I intend to give God what’s right and not what’s left.

e) Be good with money

We gonna SAVE money in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

f) Take care of my mental health 

I struggle with anxiety and i refuse *Nigerian accent* for it to ruin anything for me

g) LOVE without conditions


What are your 2020 resolutions?

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