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Not That Petty Friend

So I am officially stating that I am not a petty person (I hope not as much) as I am about to admit to some funny shady things. So if you are my friend (you really are my friend) like I expect your support and all and stuff. So here are the moments that I felt so petty.

When they unfollowed me on twitter

Can you imagine how I felt when I was unfriended? Like you unfriended me on twitter but followed half of Harare y’all isn’t that a sign that I am boring and totally undeserving of a follow.

When they took everyone out for their birthday except me

Where they embarrassed by me? Am I that boring?

When they stabbed me in the back with a matchstick

Like why stab me in the first place.

When they took someone’s side (who hurt me ) side because they can?

Like you know what they did and you still became besties with that friend hmmm message loud and clear

When they stole my business idea

So hilarious

Am I petty?


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