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Who has the 4-1-1?

On December 31, 2019, I made a promise to God that I will be less petty, more present and daring but boy wasn’t I dreaming. I sat across a bunch of winning ladies and I felt out of place (I am that wart that is too visible) and started thinking what do people talk about with their friends and decided to write a blog post. Here is everything you should talk about with your friends:

a. Money

Nothing beats a group of girls that stand with you on good and bad days and also give you tips on investments, money-saving tips, and bargain deals.

b. Your dating life 

If you ain’t spilling tea with your friends who are you sharing the tea with?

c. Spiritual life 

You ought to stay prayed up and woke together!

d. Gossip

Like seriously, spill it homie.

e. Your health

A problem shared is a problem solved

P.S It’s just a thought

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