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February Book Of The Month

Koffeekween spills it

This month we are reading Hope Is Our Only Wing by Rutendo Tavengerwei and y’all… it is SO UBER DUBER AMAZING! This incredible story is set in Zimbabwe and is a beautiful and honest look at adolescence, friendship, and the capacity for courage.


AUTHOR 4-1-1

Rutendo Nomsa Tavengerwei grew up in Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa to study Law. One of her greatest influences in writing remains her father, who tutored Rutendo from the age of nine, teaching her how to write and how to play around with language when telling a story. According to Rutendo “writing is more than just story-telling for me. It’s a way to protest against injustices, a way to encourage and a way to provoke thought and inspire.”

Rutendo currently works and lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Hope Is Our Only Wing is her debut novel. (via Goodreads)

What in Bubblegum’s name is #KoffeeReads
Every month, I pick a contemporary book set anywhere around the world and share it with you. Every book must last longer a little bit longer than my coffee *sigh*


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