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Book Review: The Polygamist

I always thought I was a monogamous person till I met the delectable Jonasi *eye roll* like seriously. I wasn’t ready for a polyamorous relationship *sigh* but I fell bookshelf first and head later on. To be honest, Jonasi has kept me up a lot of times and believe me you he has delivered every time.

The Polygamist is by Sue Nyathi (she is a fav guys) and it’s set in Zimbabwe (woohoo) and it revolves around Jonasi and his four wives *eye roll* five if you count me for seriously going book crazy over the fella and the story. We get to meet Joyce the first wives (that I promise we all relate to in some way) the one that met Jonasi when he had no money and stayed with him when he made that dollar. Then there is Matipa who is crazy about money and class (sound familiar?), then there is Essie the girl from the township who he loves by the way and of course Lindani who doesn’t want to be a girlfriend but a wife.

Least I forget there is Anci who became the surprise fifth woman in his life by pure coincidence. I am not going to drop any spoilers but y’all need to jump on the wagon and purchase your copy.

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