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The Thing Around Your Neck-A Review

Just A Rant: I love Chimamanda (that’s the whole rant *laugh out loud*)! I am kidding but I do love her to bits. When I grow up I just want to be like her and having a natural mane that gorgeous doesn’t seem like a terrible idea as well.

Ancillar’s Book Summary: The thing around your neck is a collection of African Short stories *got to love this book y’ all*. If I am playing favorite right about now then I would say Imitation is my favorite. It follows Nkem, a poor girl from rural Nigeria who married a wealthy man but lives a lonely life in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her two children*sob*

Cover rating: 4/5

Will  I be reading more books by the author? Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yes!

Overall rating: *****/*****

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