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My Current Reality

So it’s day 3 of working from home and y’all it has been an experience -picture a young woman in leggings and minion socks with a coffee mug in hand, Mafikizolo in the background, a very energetic one-year-old in Pampers who likes to sit on my face when she nappies (Pampers are the best). So here is my current reality:

03:00  I wake up

04:00 Do my devotion

04:30 Workout

05:00-06:30  Clean the house

07:00 Bath

07:30 Make Rooibos Tea with lemon and ginger *yum*

08:00 The kids wake up and I assign them assignments and I am always on diaper duty.

08:30-13:00 I work like really work with a coffee break in between

13:00 I eat my lunch which is usually noodles and take a short nap

14:00 I wake up to my niece’s bottom on my face because she apparently enjoys that

17:00 I sign out of work

18:00-19:30 I have supper, do dishes, wash my face, jot in my gratitude journal, pray and switch off my device to nap.

I usually nap at 20:00 hrs if the book is boring and all but if it’s a good book then I am not sleeping till 23:00hrs..

How are you spending your days?

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