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I Tested Honey Co’s Products And This Is What I Thought

Can I just say I love HONEY? Yes! No!? Okay let’s talk about honey co then.

Just a rant:

I refuse for anyone to not compare me to an INFLUENCER. I influence my stomach and that in itself should earn me that status. So I was chilled at home trying to get that dollar when I got the call. They were parked at my gate and I was screaming oh my honey tum tum *Winnie the Pooh voice* when they handed me the package (it was a brown bag in case you are wondering) . In my brown bag was creamed cinnamon honey , creamed ginger honey and honey sticks.


Customer service :5/5

Creamed Cinnamon Honey

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: I love cinnamon but I didn’t really hit that sweet spot in my TEA but in my oats you guys, it was too much.

Should I try it? Of course

            Creamed Ginger Honey

Rating: 5/5

Verdict:The ginger came out so perfectly and I need more of this

Should I try it? Yes!!

What’s my favorite: Creamed Ginger Honey

P.s I never got to try the honey sticks as my nephew hid them but reassured me that they were yummy candy 🙈😂

*I was given these products in exchange of an honest review*




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