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Say You Love Me

They say love makes you go crazy but so does loneliness. Loneliness can drive a woman up a ledge and into the arms of a chiseled tattooed hazel eyed mistake. Yes I am that girl! I am that girl that got tired of work out videos, cheesy rom-com and burning rice and stepped right into the lions den with the speed of a cheetah and the common sense of a dodo. I shouldn’t have knocked *sigh* on his door but I was tired of eating alone and talking to myself. My one excuse was that he was my neighbor and I was being neighborly. We were stuck indoors and he also had to be tired of moving around in a 4 by 4 Square room. I think at that moment my ancestors were napping or they would have stopped me. It started with a discussion about Money Heist and ended with that midnight kiss that I never saw coming. I should have stopped it but I am a librarian who has spent night with dukes who have unravelled wallflowers and zulu men that have dominated their women. At that moment I didn’t want to be the librarian but a fiercely passionate African woman *sigh* so I let him. I have been kissed but this was being kissed ๐Ÿ™ˆ my toes curled, cupid’s musician played the mbira in the background serenading two unlikely people in the throes of passion and birds swooped up and down in my head. I was gone! For now it’s a game of passion *sigh* and my heart is slowly losing out. When it’s all over will you be mine or will I be your summer fling?

*this story is based on a friends experience who trusted me to tell it*

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