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20 Facts About Me I Probably Should Keep To Myself

So I stumbled upon the #UGBlogChallenge and decided to join in because FOMO. So here goes πŸ‘‡

1. I have a weakness for carrot cake.

2. I love color ! I am that girl who journals in color.

3. I am a dog lover

4. I am a terrible singer

5. I am a Hallmark fan *top fan* I would love to be cast in one

6.Β  I was once awarded the “bookworm of the year” at school having read the most books.

7. I want to go to Bali for yoga and hopefully new friendship

8. I have a dream to work for Google and Netflix

9. I once emailed my fav author and he replied to me and I cried for an uncontrollable 10 minutes

10. I would rather eat pizza and workout than workout and eat kale

11. I find watching bake shows therapeutic

12. One day I would like to go to Barnes and Noble

13. I have over 10 journals

14. It’s so easy for me to cry

15. I am a Christian

16. I sometimes force my family to participate in activities I create such as Easter egg hunt, family movie night and trivia night

17. I am a firm believer of adoption

18. I am a hopeless romantic

19. I still own a piggy bank

20. I would love to meet Nomzamo, Michelle Obama, David Baldacci, Priscilla Shirer and Tia Mowry.


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