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The Watcher

How far will a community go to protect a dirty little secret? As far as they can if it gives them something to talk about right!? Well this was the case of this community . Everyone knew about the affair except the WIFE. I didnt know about this affair till that night when I had to dash to the nearby tuckshop for candles (darn loadshedding) when I saw them. I shrugged it off as one of those things that happen to your brain when you are tired. I even shrugged off his guilt look as one of those but darn was I wrong. I got my candles and left them to practise the art of lock and key a little while longer because he clearly can’t be that lazy to cheat with a woman five houses down from his own. I only got my worst fears validated at the busstop waiting for the Zupco bus when the Neighborhood’s busy bodies were talking about it. A whole family man with three kids was cheating on his wife with a woman in the same neighborhood. I have to give it to him for his bravery or cowardice . Do you think she doesn’t know?

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