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An idle mind is the devil’s playground goes the saying and it has never wrung true except on this day. You see when you are of a certain age *eye roll* people expect you to have settled down or planning to settle down *sigh*. You would think I am a golden girl who is yet to marry and a step away from being booked into a retirement home *long sigh* but nope I am a twenty-something hopelessly romantic someone. It was supposed to be a sunny day but a dark cloud had to pitch up (somebody get the boogeyman). So my aunt was talking about how I should have kids in my 20s that my mind flashed back to that time my ‘friend’ said ‘freeze your eggs’ you are getting old and don’t seem to be settling down *sob*. She had to say it on my birthday which was even crazier. How do you stop ovaryreacting when you are alone with your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Ovaryreacting

  1. My baby sister just gave birth to her second born child, I have so new niece… And amidst all the congratulations I can feel the elephant in the room, half six breath away from saying to me tick tock

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