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Sexually Transmitted Debt

Once upon a time, there was a girl that married a handsome prince and lived in debt.

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Not the happy ever after you planned right!? Debt is a huge thing especially if it doesn’t make sense.  A friend of mine married this guy who had a $3000 shoe debt on top of a car, house, and electricity debt *sad face emoji* Like hmm, did she really need to inherit his shoe debt when he is the only one rocking the Jordan’s?

I am not yet married but I firmly believe people should have conversations around money and call out each other when one keeps getting into debt over the most ridiculous things.  Sit down with your person and map out a path on how you can clear your debt and be honest about what you can assist with and what they should handle by themselves.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below on whether you should always take on your partner’s debt acquired pre-marriage

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8 thoughts on “Sexually Transmitted Debt

  1. Yep, your entire lives are synchronized after marriage, and his debt is your debt just as much as his money is your money and vice versa.

    I’m actually less worried about the debt (though I don’t want it lol), but I’m more concerned about his attitude to money now – is he still acquiring debt? Does he have a plan to pay them off aggressively? That shoe debt concerns me a lil bit.

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  2. Couples hardly have these “difficult” financial conversations before they get married because “we are in love we will figure it out” then when you are married and you can’t buy Terrific Tuesday because you are paying off shoe debts you are unhappy and start questioning your life choices. These conversations need to happen and preferably with a financial consultant, the guy has terrible spending habits that might affect the both of them in the long run if they are not nipped in the bud.

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