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Money Heist- A Review

*may contain spoilers*

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and went on a binge of Money Heist *sigh* and I don’t regret it one moment (maybe a tad bit).

So the first two seasons weaves a tale of The Profesor (Álvaro Morte), a brilliant and swoon-worthy brainy attractive cup of coffee*sigh* who rounds up a group of brilliant minds to rob the Royal Mint in Madrid. They do actually get in and rob while he plays cat and mouse with Inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño)  who is tasked into catching them and they also have sexual tension *sly grin*  Season 3 and Season 4 focuses on the prep and entrance to the Bank Of Spain. So here are my short reviews:

The character I started loving after hating them: Berlin

I initially thought Berlin was rude and totally not likable but I ended up liking him and then he had to die *sob sob*

The character I dislike: Arturo

We first meet him in Season 1 and he was such a douche ( he was stuck in the bank with his pregnant mistress) and in Season 4 dude tries to actually be a hero *eye roll*

The character that I loved: Tied between Nairobi and the professor

The character that made me cry: Nairobi’s death  made me cry ( I loved her)

Rating (out of 5):📺📺📺📺📺

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