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An Unwanted Guest- A Review

Just A Rant: Am I a coward for cancelling my impromptu trip to a B&B in the middle of nowhere post lockdown because of this book.

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller

Ancillar’s Book Summary: This is my first book by Shari Lapena and I now respect her as much as I respect mac n’cheese (highest honour y’all). An Unwanted Guest follows a group of strangers who are all spending the weekend at the very remote Mitchell’s Inn. It should be the most restful boring weekend but alas bodies start dropping and so yep you called it, one of them is a killer *sob sob*..I cancelled and cancelled my murderer predictions because I am bad at being Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes. The twists and turns had my jaw on the floor *what a wow*

Will I be reading more books by the author? Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yes

Overall rating on the sip meter (ratings are out of 5):

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