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I Am Finally Losing Belly Fat (Not For The Gram!)

I have struggled with belly fat since I discovered that fries and fried chicken on my daily trips to town was a thing in this city *laugh out loud* and I have tried somewhat consistently to lose the pooch with no success because I was 20% working out and 80% eating all the foods I shouldn’t have. So I finally discovered that i have a lot of visceral fat *cringe* and for a slim-thick cup of coffee that won’t work at all because I am scared of dying because visceral fat isn’t that good kind of fat.

My Game Plan

  1. De-stress

I just found out that stress can cause a hormonal imbalance and cause that pooch to happen so I am simply embracing meditating. US researchers found out that, if you’re highly strung, like, always – you’re far less likely to lose unwanted belly fat *cry me abs*

2. Actually sleep more

I rarely sleep enough (my maximum sleeping hours are 5 hours ) so that needs to change *hides*. So I am going to aim to sleep more regardless of my to do list and adult bills waiting for me.

3. The sun I see is in books

I rarely go outside *cringe* but I now need to embrace the God given natural glow enhancer that is FREE. Findings presented at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting, revealed that, in women, both total and abdominal fat were associated with lower levels of vitamin D.

4. Workout

So according to Women’s Health (actually a subscriber) HIIT is actually BAE so I am going to incorporate that into my workout

workout 1: click here

workout 2: Chloe Ting 2 week ab challenge ( I will try to do it hopefully)

5. Eat Better

I am going to eat 80% healthy and 20% snack on anything I want because uhmm the belly has to. So trust me when I say I am going to be cooking from Keto Diet based cookbooks,Mediterranean Diet cookbooks and other cookbooks *wink*

Are you struggling with the pooch too? What’s your game plan?

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