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Picking My Favorite James Patterson Book

This is probably the most ridiculous idea I have had all year 😂😂🤭but this should be fun.


I love James Patterson y’all. I couldn’t stop reading his books at one time 🤭 but now I have shelf control (to an extent).

Total James Patterson books read: 35 books

Alex Cross Series

Total in series :25

Read :16

Favourite book: I am torn between Along came a spider and The Big Bad Wolf .

Least Favorite Book: Double Cross by James Patterson

I didn’t like it at all! Hear me out please 😂I didn’t like it because someone tore pages from my copy and I couldn’t even enjoy the plot

Women’s Murder Club

Total in series: 20

Total read:19

Favorite book: Unlucky 13

Least favorite: 3rd Degree ( one of my favorite# dies)

What’s your favorite James Patterson book?

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