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#WinterABC | Is That My Stomach?

If this was a test I would be flunking so bad because unlike the gym I thrive when it comes to food (just ask my belly)

Favourite Snack

Close-up Photo of a Bowl Full of Roasted Groundnuts on Brown Wooden Table

I cannot get enough of groundnuts y’all I love them so much..

Favorite Comfort Food

Samp with Fresh Corn recipe – All 4 Women

I love me some samp (manhuchi) especially with some groundnuts tossed in abundance in samp when I need some comfort.

Guilty Pleasure

Delicious traditional Muboora (Pumpkin leaves) | ZimboKitchen

I am crazy about pumpkin leaves (muboora) and I refuse to stop eating it because I am that girl.

What do you enjoy?

15 thoughts on “#WinterABC | Is That My Stomach?

  1. I love damp and pumpkin leaves too! These dishes are so versatile. With samp, you have the option of adding pounded Groundnuts, peanut butter, fried tomatoes and onion or just sugar.
    With the pumpkin leaves, you can add just oil, tomatoes and onion or throw in pounded Groundnuts. ❤️
    I’m craving for these dishes now…

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