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To All The Jocks I Have Loved Part A

To the rugby player

We were never meant to last past the 7 minute mark because we were doomed the moment you fell on my feet . You see you wouldn’t have met me if you hadn’t fell on my feet and the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was my very worried shocked face. I won’t pretend I hadn’t seen you because we ALL saw you. Tall , dark *long sigh* , chiseled in the right places and those muscles were all my teenage mind could see. What a cliche we were! You were a jock and I was that wallflower that loved library books. I guess I was the belle to your beast and that was okay because I felt unseen. Darn we never had a chance but we were never meant to met years later in the vegetable aisle you in your body hugging suit *sigh* and I balancing a wailing two year old nephew , a huge pumpkin and a shopping cart. You smiled at me and my pumpkin tumbled to the floor because darn you were still the MVP off field too. We were doomed from the start and unlike beauty and the beast we had no chance ..

P.S this could be a made up tale

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