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#WinterABC | Bloggers From My Country

I am a firm believer that bloggers are different and they have different niches but all bring something different and new to the blogsphere. Here are all the blogs I love to read.

  1. Beatonm

Given nickname: Uncle B

Why do I read his blog: because he is the Uncle πŸ˜‚ and his posts are engaging


2. Patie Tynoe

Given nickname: The Feminist Scribble

Why do I read her blog: It’s engaging and it invokes conversation


3. Tee Madzika

Given nickname: Dreadlocked scribbler

Why do I read his blog: his honest take on life and poetry


4. Faith Panashe

Given nickname: The Relationship Whisperer

Why do I read her blog: because sometimes I want to read about relationships so I don’t suck at them


5. Victorious Nikki

Given nickname: Victorious

Why do I read her blog: she is just amazing!


Other favorite blogs

  3. The mad blogger
  4. Nashe
  5. Rudo Manyere

FYI I don’t think well under pressure so I might have forgotten some favorites too.

7 thoughts on “#WinterABC | Bloggers From My Country

  1. You’re from Zimbabwe haha I was trying to figure out where I’d place you on this our continent. Glad to Know. I love Beatons Blog too. I’ll definately check out the rest…
    The relationship whisperer uuuuulalalaaaa. First check out.

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