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There Is A Mafia Hunk On My Shelf

I rarely read mafia romances *gasp* but I have read 2 this year because a) peer pressure is real

b) I am a hopeless romantic

c) Goodreads said they were good books

Georgia Cates (Author of Beauty from Pain)

So this is my first Georgia Cates *smile* but I totally loved it so much. So this book is about a girl from one rich mafia promised to another who falls for another. But her bethroed is not one for games *gasp* he kills the man of her dreams , her dad and all the men in her family forcing her to marry the guy *shocked face* .They do eventually end up falling for each other but I had moments when I needed to give that man *sigh* a big whooping.

Overall Rating: 4.5 *

Should I read it? Yes you should

The Kiss Thief

The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

Peer pressure is real and I am weak when it comes to highly rated or most read books on goodreads *shakes head*. So this book was intriguing but it had so many triggers (issue of consent) but I still read it to the end. The story did touch on a few other things that are quite interesting like greed,family and love.

Should I read it? Sure

Rating> 3.5*

Do you have any mafia romances I should check out?

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