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#WinterABC | Social Media Accounts I Follow

I love social media y’all (mostly I mean I love goodreads and Pinterest) but anyways I love to open my closet so the world can see my social media skeletons (LOOOOOOL)


  1. Google

As a future employee I got to stay on top of all the trends and news *smile*

2. #Afrobloggers

Guys, Africa has so many amazing afrobloggers so I like to stay in touch.

3. BBC

I like to know what is happening in the world (FOMO or being nosy?) I don’t know but I love their FEED.

4. Uber Facts

I love to know interesting stuff y’all so excuse me

5. Joel Osteen

6. Prowl Magazine

Because it’s my baaby


  1. Can I just say if someone uses the hashtag #bookstagram I am all up on their shelves *LOL*
  2. Halle Berry (her workouts inspire me to put spinach on my pizza and daydream about abs)
  3. Can I say I also enjoy looking at my feed? Yes!?No!?


  1. Chloe Ting ( I jave been doing the 2 weeks shred challenge for 2 months but then again I am consistent in my failure to be consistent)
  2. Vuvu Reads (south african booktube)
  3. Chantelle Jeradi (authentic zimbabwean lifestyle blogger)
  4. Transformation Church

Which social media accounts do you want me to check out?

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