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#WinterABC | For The Culture

I remember getting my first job and waiting for my first cheque *sigh*. But I was not the only one waiting as my mini village (my relatives) were waiting with me. Culturally when you get your first paycheck you buy your mama pots, your dad a suit, your gogo blankets which is all cooll but I didn’t expect to look after my village.

At what point do you tell your relatives 3 years later that they can’t keep expecting mink blankets every month? Even my gogo is not that bothersome. Before you sigh yep I pay black tax too but my village need to chill on the guac orders.

Till next time xxx

8 thoughts on “#WinterABC | For The Culture

  1. Haha black tax is real ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“my wallet cries every month, but in as much as it fights your wallet it also humbles you, reminds you of Ubuntu


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