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Cutting My Hair And Other Confessions

I am not Usher but these are my confessions *smile*

I realized that I am too untalented to have a side hustle based on my talent

Listen *gasp* I have friends that can make a cake based on a chanel bag while i remain undefeated at making sponge cakes and banana bread *sigh* and that one homie that can crotchet a dream *sigh* and then there is me with zero talent except daydreaming *wail*

My Hair has become a luxury *gaasp*

I love my hair but 900zwl for a bottle of my hair-lotion is enough to send me to the doctors. I can’t possibly afford that on a single income *wail* so we cutting it off

I finally am going to be healthy

I love myself some Oreo’s, Doritos and Chocolate *smiley face emoji* but the way my wallet is set up I have to settle for roasted Broccoli *long sigh* I guess my body can celebrate that we are finally making the good doctor a little happier.

These are my broke confessions *sigh* but yikes maybe a lottery win is on the horizon*laugh out loud*

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