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Such A Fun Age-A Review

Genre: Fiction

Just a rant: I am in need of carrot cake,hugs and bunny bedroom slippers

What is the book about : One night a frantic (because of a family crisis) blogger Alix Chamberlain who is white calls her African American babysitter Emira tocome babysit her toddler. They then decide to go to the supermarket where a security guard accusses Emira of kidnapping Briar (the baby) and this is about what happens after

What I Liked About It :The plot, the writing and the self-introspection that follows after the book is done

Favorite Character(s) : Alix and Emira

Least favorite Character : The security guard

Will I read more books by the author : Yes

Do you recommend this book: Of course

Rating on the sip meter (rating is out of 5):

This book is part of the books by black authors that I want to read that you can find here: Click me

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