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The Unhoneymooners – A Review

Genre:Contemporary Romance

Just a rant: This was a reread and I totally enjoyed every page of it

What is the book about : The book is one of my favorite books y’all. So it focuses on Ami who gets married but who also has a twin. So on the day of the wedding the whole wedding party gets food poisoning except the groom’s brother Ethan and her twin sister Olive. Let me tell you one thing about Ami she is one of the luckiest people while her sister Olive is not.So because Ami won a series of internet contests including her honeymoon and she can’t go because she is also sick, she asks her twin to go on her behalf and pretend to be the married twin with the groom’s brother she doesn’t get along with *sigh*

What I Liked About It :I loved Olive (she is a mini me) and the whole story line(I loveeee a good romance )

Favorite Character(s) : Olive and Ethan

Least favorite Character : Ami’s Husband (he who I shall not name)

Will I read more books by the author : Yes

Do you recommend this book: Of course

Rating on the sip meter (rating is out of 5):


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