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#WinterABC21 | Zimbabwean Book Influencers Deserve Recognition Too

Happy Friday Friends!

Today’s post is more of a rant from a tired Zimbabwean bookish creative standing outside the gate praying the DHL biker is not passing my gate but is stopping by my gate. A girl can wish for book mail right!?

I am tired that Zimbabwean Book Influencers don’t count when we talk about bookish influencers.We deserve a piece of the cake too. If you think I am crying wolf just go to Youtube or Instagram and see how book mail is a thing and we have to wait for a shred of chicken skin from the meat when the book comes out.

Time’s up on us not getting book mail,if they can ship books to Africa when they come out they can ship to us to reviews and they can work with us. WE READ ROMANCES TOO, WE READ THRILLERS TOO AND WE READ!!!. We deserve to get a slice of the cake even of books by African Authors.

Nothing sucks than the ‘Open to US and Canada Residents only” tagline when publishers are looking for Bookstagrammers/Book Blogger residents. My heart breaks because we are putting our mark on the world too.

Our voices matter and our words are loud and proud. Don’t give us an award , a like / retweet on Social Media but allow us to share our pride for African and Black Authors. We deserve to walk into open doors and join book tours for books by our own because there is no place like home.

If we are one global village why are we not enthusiastically waving at the postman ?I get it that we are in Southern Africa but we have a post office and DHL in our country. I am not an angry Zimbabwean but I am a tired bibliphile with my fellow bookworms.

WE are not just CREATIVES that found a library card.We are CREATIVES THAT READ.

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8 thoughts on “#WinterABC21 | Zimbabwean Book Influencers Deserve Recognition Too

  1. 100% behind this as a book influencer of sort I have experienced the pain of being notified I can’t get Advance Reader Copies because, well, yeah….
    But I have had an author or 2 personally send their book just…

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