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Dear Future Husband

Dear Husband ,

If you are reading this then you are a keeper because you are interested in my hobbies and are very supportive *swoon*. But if you are reading this and contemplating sliding into my DMs because you think you are the one then please shoot your shot.

I cannot wait to meet you of course but I have been praying about you because that’s what we do here . I pray that you don’t run marathons and expect me to run as fast or get excited about running because I run like a duck and the sporting gene skipped a generation. I am open to standing by the finish line with an energy drink and a towel because that’s what supportive hubs do. I have also slightly developed a slight obsession with k-drama and I hope that you don’t snore so wildly while I gush about my k-drama.

I know that you haven’t met me yet that is if we don’t know each other already but I love watching football, reading romance and thrillers, disastrously baking and doing weird things like supporting conservation efforts by running or hiking. I should also mention that my father in heaven might slightly be laughing that my prayers about my spending habits and my terrible cake frosting.

I hope you are in a job you love, you are paying your tithes, saving some money and of course you are in good health.

I will see you see soon

Your cinnamon roll


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