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Book Review: Ocean’s World: An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure by Carlos PenaVegaAlexa PenaVegaKiersten Eagan (Illustrator

Ocean’s World : An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure by Carlos Pena Vaga,Alexa PenaVega ,Kiersten Eagan (Illustrator)

Thomas Nelson: Children’s Fiction; 25/10/22

Koffee Reading Rating: 4/5

Genre : Children’s Fiction

Anci Rant: Sometimes you just want to read a really fun book because you are tired , feeling some type of way and in need of a good laugh (sounds pretty much like me lately). After a week of fighting work fires, emotional distress and the breakup of the year (with unhealthy eating) I was in a slum and in need of a feel good book. Luckily for me the perfect book fell onto my lap cue Ocean’s World and I pretty much enjoyed escaping to an island for a bit.

Review : I received a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson’s Children’s Fiction for my complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

This is an adorable read by Celebrity couple Carlos PenaVega and Alexa PenaVega. The book follows two brothers (Ocean and Kingston) and their adorable dog (Sasha) who have an adventure on the beach to make their mother’s day special. The boys are looking

Two brothers (Ocean and Kingston) are looking for their mother’s favorite shell to gift her for her birthday . On their adventure they learn interesting facts about life on their island including octopuses , turtles, fish and even a volcano. This is a perfect book for children’s as the illustrations are colorful , the plot catchy and new words are addressed. It’s a perfect summer read for children and those young at heart. The book was oozing with new words that I actually didn’t know and I promise I had no idea that octopuses could change their colors to match their surroundings.

Book is perfect for when you are dreaming of a vacation but cannot travel anywhere because the book is set on an Island.


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