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Love Languages & Me

I get it! The first date is the worst because you absolutely have to put your best foot forward (left or right nobody really knows) but you have to. There is pressure to look amazing, chew the right way, say something relatively funny and look like the well-mannered human your parents raised. But what happens when you are madly in like and your human is the cream cheese topping to your carrot cake but you are fraud in love and caring in love because you skipped Gary Chapman’s love languages. In case you have been living under a rock , Love languages were brought to our attention by Gary Chapman and they are kind of a big deal. It’s so easy to love someone in the language we speak because that’s what we know but is it that hard to love someone else right? My love language is words of affirmation and one could say I bloom but I prefer I glow when I get a sweet morning message, a sticky note on my notebook and being told that I mean the world to my carrot cake. Before I proceed I have been guilty of loving people in my love language because I thought that’s how we love others. I failed to notice that some prefer acts of service (wash the car, offer to do the errand, do the dishes,) , gifts (get them flowers, a thoughtful gifts), physical touch ( a hug, a kiss) and quality time such as a lunch date , dinner or just a movie. Do love languages actually work? I absolutely believe we all deserve to feel loved and unseen . So kindly forgive me as I head to my affirmation board ….


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