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Best Books of 2022 by Month

Oh mayn, just like that the year has come to an end. I wish I could say that I had a good reading year but I had hits and misses because girl was booked occasionally and busy with that 9-5 because the lights had to stay on right!? Before I get started here are fun facts about the 12 books:

Worst reading month : November (because I read a total of 3 books and that is 3 more than zero so I am good

Best reading month : August (16 books)

Most read genre: Non-fiction (okurrr that was unexpected)

African /Black author books in the top 12: 8 (yess girl)

Now let’s dig in on my best books of 2022 by month in a quirky way of course true to the Anci Way :

December 2022

Award : Made me cry my heart out

Mini Review:

There comes a time in one’s life when one read a book that completely puts one through myriad emotions of sadness, grief, and long sighs. Someday, Maybe is that book! I went into it not expecting to be haunted by it or thinking of it long after it was done.

Do you ever cry so deeply that every tear tears you apart? That is me with this book. Someday, Maybe tells the story of Eve who is left utterly devastated when her husband commits suicide on New Year’s Eve. His death opens the door to what comes after when one loses someone to death. We follow her as she navigates family, a mother-in-law, a career, and unexpected good news that doesn’t look like good news

Read full review here : Click me


Award : Get a life boo!

Mini Book review: Oh mayn, this book was an eye opener and also had me questioning my money behavior. Highly recommend it


Award : Try new things, get a dog and eat pastry

Mini Review: The book follows obsessed with Jimmy Choo and never baked in her life Maddie Montgomery whose life takes a turn when her groom doesn’t show up to their Livestream wedding. Of course it’s gut wrenching but her life takes a turn when she finds out she has inherited a house and a bakery from her great Aunt Octavia. Her life quickly becomes interesting in the small town but when people start dying not even her 200 pound mastiff named Baby could keep her away from investigating. What a book! I loved everything about this book-the plot, the characters and of course the recipes. If you need a mystery that will leave you on the cliff then this is the one for you

We had two books in August as fav for control lol.

Award: Be a better human

Mini Review:This book is the cutest read ever and I want everyone to read it. The book has the mostly friendliest and well-mannered hippo and a little monkey that wants to share but sucks at it. However Bentley and the elephant teach the month on what sharing entails. It’s a perfect read on what sharing is and what it entails. I highly recommend it,.

May: The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

Mini Review:

I miss Roman and Grace already. What a beautiful read about how God heals and how people are nothing but a pencil in the hands of the creator.

Best Associated with Cake because cake makes everything awesome

March: What’s Your Move by Nicolette Mashile

Mini Review:

Loved this and enjoyed how Nicolette Mashile shared snippets from her own life making it relatable.

July: An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh

Mini Review: I love a good enemies to lovers romance that includes dogs too. An unlikely alliance follows Jalissa and Jeremy who do not get along . The two nemesis are forced to work together when the mayor requests they do to save their respective programs. What could possibly go wrong? I enjoyed this book that also touched on trauma, grief and mental health . The plot is brilliant, the characters well developed and the dogs are just adorable.

Read all about it here

January: You Got Anything Stronger by Gabrielle Union

Mini review: I don’t usually read memoirs but this one was different. In the book she tackles fertility/infertility, sexual assault and workplace drama

February: Looking Up by Abena Eyeson

Mini review: Enjoyed this debut novel by Abena that death with immigration ,faith,family and growth

November: A Nanny for the Rancher’s Twins by Heidi Main

Mini Review: A Nanny for the Rancher’s Twins is a friends to lovers and second chance romance between a wedding and event planner (Laney) and Ethan (a cattle rancher). Laney moves backs home to her Aunt’s and Uncle who have suddenly passed away to open a wedding venue ranch where she encounters Ethan . Ethan is a cattle rancher owner leasing a portion of Laney’s land as per his prior agreement with Laney’s relatives. Ethan is a single dad to the most adorable twins and decides to trade his handyman expertise in exchange for Laney babysitting his twins. It was fascinating watching Laney fight for a new lease at life and Ethan trying not to fall in love with Laney and holding onto hope that she will renew the lease. The book tackled singlehood ,fatherhood, grief and loss well and renewed hope in better days and second chance

October: The Christmas Switch by Zoey Marie Jackson

Mini Book Review: I love a good Christmas Story and as someone that had never heard or read of Zoey Marie Jackson I was skeptical going it to this book but she proved me wrong. How do you keep a a secret to protect your sister when everything you have ever prayed for is right next door. Chanel decides to swap places during Christmas with her sister and that seems easy enough but next door is an adorable family man who has the most fun loving dog. Sometimes promises don’t guarantee the heart will not be involved. This was a heartwarming story about second chances, the goodness of God and the mysterious way God works.

If interested about the book read here

September : Marcus Rashford (Little People, Big Dreams) by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Mini book review: The book tells the Marcus Rashford story from humble beginnings to international superstar on and off the field. The author highlights what kind of family he came from ( a loving and supportive family) and how his talent was honed from childhood. I loved the fact that we see his resilience, his hunger and his passion in the few pages. Every child and child at heart that has ever needed a sign to push on must read this book.

Full review here

June: The Wife Before by Shanora Williams

Mini review :The wife before follows Samira Wilder a young woman in her 20s with the most adorable brother but cannot keep a job. Her life changes when she meets pro golfer Roland Graham at a party and has a whirlwind relationship. The only catch or dent in the story is that his ex-wife is dead and he is a suspect. Nothing puts a halt in ever after than being suspicious of your spouse. The twists , the turns and the characters made this thriller spicy and I loved it. I recommend this thriller!

Full review here

What’s your favorite read of 2022? Sound off below cousins


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