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2023: Same Old Me Different Calendar

Happy new year cousins!

Today is that day where we make those dreaded resolutions and ensure our vision board has a color scheme . I wish I could say New Year New Me but I am the same old Anci with just a different calendar but I am a little wiser so my resolutions are simple this time around.

On health

I promise my doctor is not endorsing this but I am going to try to be intentional about my eating . I am going to try and reign in my sugar cravings (i have those a lot) and enjoy savory more than sweet because life is about balance right.

On reading

I am ready to red books that make me happy and books that I want to read and not because they are popular and on the bestselling book. The goal is to buy 24 books that are priceless and I will read again because the coins are to purchase quality only.

On self care

Self-care is not selfish and I hope to prioritize myself before people in 2023 . I hope I laugh more and often .

Above all I hope to just be happy and alas here is something humorous I plan to get married or engaged or to just basically date (LOL).

Happy New Year!


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