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Accidentally Famous by Marissa Clarke – A Review

Book: Accidentally Famous

Publication Date: 24 January 2023

Publisher : Entangled: Amara

Genre: Romance

Hi Cousins!

It’s been a minute since my last review and I trust you are well. It’s not a secret that I am an armchair sleuth when I am not working 8-5 (this is standard when I don’t have to work overtime but a girl can wish) but deep down I am a sucker for romance. I may have been born at the wrong time because nobody can argue that being courted with letters, horse rides and dances doesn’t seem quite dreamy. I will let that sink in for a bit *pretends to wait for minutes*. If nobody stops me I can babble for the duration of this post but we cannot have that can we?

Book Review: Firstly I am grateful to Entangled: Amara and NetGalley for my complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I had no idea who Marissa Clarke was going in but after I was done reading I wanted to send her a friend request, an email, and possibly wish upon a star that Michael B Jordan would also accidentally tag me *laugh out loud*. Accidentally Famous is perfect for fans who love a small town romance and fake dating which is pretty much me. This is a feel-good read that you will devour in a day because it’s that yummy. The book follows Jake a famous person (he is an action hero) and Cassidy James from a small town in Maine that does home remodeling. Their lives get turned upside down when Jack’s assistant accidentally tags Cassidy’s Instagram handle when she meant to tag his sister’s account with an inside joke from his movie with the caption “I’m coming for you, babe.”. This leads to the paparazzi losing it and of course her YouTube subscriber numbers going up. Jack’s manager has this crazy idea that they should ‘ fake date’ for two weeks because it’s PR but matters of the heart can’t be faked. It’s hard not to fall in love with Jack because he is swoon worthy and not corky *wink*. Absolutely recommend it if you are looking for a feel-good book.

What I liked about the book : The plot, the setting, the characters and someone take me to Maine *whispers*

Character/s I loved : Amanda, Cassidy and Jake

Character most like me: Cassidy

As a Christian would I enjoy this book? Yes!

Do you recommend this book? Yes! Buy it

Will you read more books by the author? Yes

Overall Koffee Read Rating: 4/5

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Bye cousins.


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