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5 Lessons From The Richest Man In Babylon

How I wish I was a millionaire typing this blog post on a beach somewhere sipping’ coconut water *LOL* but alas I am staring at an open wallet wishing to pick Aladdin’s lamp so I can make 3 wishes that are useless and I will regret later. So kudos to me for me for finally reading The Richest Man in Babylon and these are the lessons I took from the wonderful book.

  1. Don’t spead a tenth of your money

Every month I imagine my savings screaming Bish better have my money lol (thanks Riri for this power jam). It’s very important that someone doesn’t spend all their money and I am learning this the hard way. Always have savings for a rainy day because it wasn’t raining when Noah built an ark.

2. Have a Budget

You cannot walk around like a headless chicken with no budget or you will spend all your coins buying things you don’t need. Account for every bill you have to pay , everything you want to buy and everything you owe.

3.Owe nobody

This speaks to all mandatory payments and your tithes. Avoid unnecessary debt if you can help yourself .

4. Give your coins a job

You just cannot save only. Invest your money and grow it

5. Have an emergency fund.

One day it will rain and you do not want to be rained on so stay prepared and ready.

I hope you read this book because it’s a gem.


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