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#FridayShots | He Is Just Not That Into Me

Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy and boy decides he doesn’t like girl. That’s the story of my life.

For months I closed myself from love because love never picked up when I called and so I stopped calling because airtime ain’t cheap. When I decided to call back I fell for someone I had no business falling for because the heart wants what it wants. The conversations flowed easily and I was there on the other side waiting to glue the pieces of his life that needed to be glued in true Bobina the builder form. I thought he liked me not to blow my own horn but I am funny , smart , helpful and I put the A in amazing. I was just playing the helper role as always -not the princess that bags the handsome prince. Call me the Cind in Cindrella , the maybe in ‘ call me maybe’ and the helplessly waiting princess . How many prayers does one pray before they grow weary of waiting. I imagine myself at the bus stop waiting for the visitor that never shows up , hopelessly holding onto flowers that wilt with the Sahara sun as the days turn into weeks and then years. We had a date or three and I guess it was on the 3rd date that he decided that I was just not right for him. Maybe we try one more time ..

This post is for everyone that liked a boy but the boy never liked them back. I hope you know that you are still amazing.


6 thoughts on “#FridayShots | He Is Just Not That Into Me

  1. Ah… it’s even worse when he *does* like you back. If goes somewhere, but right when you believe it, they realize they are cured and although they liked you, they’re fixed, so they can go knock on the door of the girl they were too broken for before.

    I know I’m amazing; I don’t need them to validate it. It’d just be awesome if the broken boy (now fixed) came back to me once in a while.

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