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#HappyEverAfterChronicles |Heartbeat

When I pictured our meet cute I pictured imaginary birds singing harmoniously in the background and a busy coffee shop. There is something about finding your better half in a crowded room with no map and no compass but a beating heart rhythmically beating in sync. For a second you disappeared in my peripheral vision and only to be found well glimpses of you to remind me to propel me further to you. I wish this was a love story about boy meets girl and falls in love but rather it’s my happy ever after .

I heard a faint beat of a heartbeat the past month . After being ghosted twice I did not think my heart would beat again but not everyone is Cindrella and not every pig builds with bricks. This is my highlight reel of the month that tested my faith, joy and strength.


  1. I have mastered (read that twice) banana bread (I should probably open a bakery soon)
  2. Finished The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama and did not even cry (whoop but swooned when she said Barack is my home)
  3. Started learning French for my Paris trip
  4. I survived


  1. Got curved *sigh*
  2. Got ghosted
  3. Fell ill
  4. Experienced bouts of loneliness

Favorite TV shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory (still a comfort rich)
  2. Beef (oh the road rage)
  3. Will Trent (here for it)

Favorite Book/s

  1. The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

My prayer is that May is full of good health, laughter and self-love.


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