I am that girl with the afro with one too many books and bookmarks in her bag from H-town with ma Tommy and a packet of gummy bears.

I’m not a genius. I’m not a perfectionist. I’m just a chick living in  Sunshine City who loves book shopping, reading, and extra cheese and bacon, and did I mention extra cheese

Here’s the thing: I can’t decide if this is an ordinary book blog or a mixture of books and my Hallmark scripted love life. So let’s just say I could easily rant about that book that made me cry, that bookish boyfriend that broke my heart, one of my bookish sleuth adventures in a mystery novel, or just my attempts at being a fitness enthusiast who moves to a small town and falls in love with a grumpy hero.
Sometimes I will  write weird stuff. Like that baby daddy situation or my thoughts on a TV show nobody is watching except me  . I will also write about food a lot too. Oh, and I live in Sunshine City , did I mention that.For the most part, 97% of what I say you should not take seriously. So please heed my advice with caution.

You know, on second thought you should just read my dirty bookish laundry and cwazy musings for your own entertainment