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The Untold Story Of How I May Have Passed My Python Exam

I am a terrible exam taker ! Before an exam my heart rate is that of an Olympic 100m runner and this is at just standing at the exam door thinking of how it feels like to fail and also my sweat glands just suddenly erupt (trust me when I say they have never showed up after an hours workout ). Also I suddenly get the nudge to pee (even after showing up to the exam room with an empty bladder). I am sure you now know I am an anxious exam taker so when I had to take my Python Certification Exam everything that could go wrong in my perfect world did.

For starters my computer took a break from studying and I had to pull out old Atticus from storage who processes everything at the speed of a snail because he doesn’t bother rushing for anything. I got so swamped with work that my study tutor couldn’t catch me if he could and 48 hours before my exam 😱I had an electric fault .At this point you are probably palpitating and feeling sorry for me (thank you for that).

Before I tell you what happened this is what I did to pass my Python Exam :

  1. I got help! My good old friend Dante came through to help me grasp Python easily even though I had moments I felt extremely dumb because I study better in color
  2. Constant practice.
  3. Listen to my body! Rest is key

So back to the story ,it was 8 hours before the exam and I had no electricity ,my phone battery was on 30% and I didn’t feel studied up. I went to bed at 6pm praying that electricity would come back but alas at 1 am I had to wake up and pray Tecno’s batteries lasted enough for an hour’s exam.

Didn’t I just start praying that my brain’s storage was enough to get me at least 70%😂so with a candle nearby I signed in to write my final exam . As soon as I hit submit my phone switched off leaving me with racing thoughts of did I pass or did I fail.

Electricity decided to show up in the morning because she is a drama queen . I could barely wait to see my fate after all I had paid for this with my hard earned cash long sighhhh.

Long story short I passed whoop. But I realized that I passed because of constant practice , getting someone to study with and being kind to myself.