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How The Friendly Mouse Taught Me Kindness – A Review of The Friendly Mouse

Book summary :

The book tells the story of Mouse a field mouse who lives in the country, but works in the city. Because he stays far from his workplace he is constantly late for work. In the face of losing his job, Mouse does something only a seasoned person of faith and good morals will do.

Genre: Fiction

Publication Date : March 21st

Relatable character : Mouse because unless you are not me you have never been late to work

Realistic character : Seagull because not everyone helps

Lessons from the book:

  • Be kind to people
  • Be polite to even those that are mean to you

Do you recommend this book? Yes

Will you read more books by the author? Yes

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How To Read More When You Want To Netflix & Tweet

Oh mayn, reading has become a challenge with Netflix dropping shows we want to watch and social media consuming our time. I would be honest I once went on a binge marathon (is that even correct) on Netflix and boy did I not miss reading. In a loud world, here are a few hacks to help you read more:

  1. Aim to read at least 30 pages a day

30 pages sounds like a lot on a busy day but hear me out . If you read 10 pages in the morning, 10 pages in the afternoon during lunch and 10 pages before bed at the end of the day you will have read 30 pages .

2. Carry a book everywhere you go because you never know when you will be stuck in a long queue or traffic.

3. Read what you like. When you are not feeling the book it’s wise to put it down and read what is speaking to you.

4. Read a format you like. If you are a kindle bookworm do kindle, if you are a paperback person then do that

Happy reading

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Period Pain by Kopano Matlwa

Just a rant : Every woman remembers the first time they had their period and the first time they had cramps. Trust me , we all remember.

Genre : African Fiction

Author: Kopano Matlwa

Most popular book by author :Coconut

Themes: Resilence/Success/Growth

Book Summary : This was a hard book to read as it brought emotions I personally want to deal with later.

The story is about Masechaba and how a series of traumatic episode nearly drove her off the cliff literally and her fight for survival. Masechaba is a young graduate working at a public hospital who has to deal with friendships, suicidal and rape, xenophobia and the public system.

What I liked about the book? How the author tackled difficult issues with so much grace and depicted Masechaba’s growth

Character/s I loved : Masechaba

Character/s I didn’t love : The jury is still out on that one

As a Christian will I enjoy this book? Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yes

Should everyone read this book? Yes

Would you read more books by the author? Yes



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Steam-o-meter :

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Overall rating : 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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All The Popular Books I Have Never Read

When your title is single handedly going to cost your ‘ book influencer’ title you may need to stock up on Oreos, Lays and marshmallows. I do feel unapologetic about owning my truth because the measure of a woman is the undeniable bravery of owning her truth (okay I just made that up and hope it makes sense). Now cue Usher confessions because these are my own confessions and I pray you won’t judge me harshly. But these are all the books that are so popular that I haven’t read:

Jane Eyre

If you don’t slap me my mother will because she really loves Jane Eyre but I absolutely have no idea what this book is about.

The Hunger Games

I struggle with reading a book based on a movie after watching the movie because I already know what’s going to happen and I don’t like that

The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath

I have seen this book everywhere but I haven’t read it and I don’t know why

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

For this one I blame the ratings and reviews for putting me of this book and I am yet to get round to reading it if ever .

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

One word (meant two) -Not Interested

It Ends With Us- Colleen Hoover

I have heard that it’s heartbreaking and I love my heart enough to protect it

What popular book have you not read that everyone has?

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The Side Chick That Left My Man Broke

Is side chick still a word or I am so yesterday’s news? Pardon me but I promise I will download Urban dictionary (is it now an app) at some point when I am trying to impress Gen Z because in between adulting, bills and trying to get 6 hour naps , drinking water and everything in between I have stopped being cool. Call me un-cool but who cares I am a cool babe. This is probably not the time to be fussing over a word as a woman scorned.

No woman that has ever watched their tall glass of water, their hunk of hunks, their sugar plum fall for someone else will probably focus on vocabulary. But what does one do when the side chick rummage throughs the wallet of the Mr. Man and leaves you with a negative balance. I wish I had a script for this part of my life but I don’t so I will talk from the heart. I was left for broke by the side piece called Stomach.

You see I was married to my budget and I was faithful at some point but unlike Noah I was not prepared for the rain. When everyone was ready to step into the ark I was on a beach somewhere sipping the good life oblivious of the storm coming. Boy did it flood and I can’t swim so that made it worse . My stomach is the side chick that thinks she is fabulous , untouchable, unforgettable , delectable and the best thing after carrot cake *eye roll* but she is a whole mess.

I spent most of my money eating out and of my bill seventy percent was spent on food (including groceries ). But the side chick after having left me broke taught me a few lessons and because I am a good friend I am sharing the lessons I learnt at my expense (the embarrassment y’all) but here goes:

  1. Have a budget and stick to it (it’s okay to not score and end the month with a draw because you failed ).
  2. Always have money for the side chick ( the tummy likes to chow so always have money in your eating out envelope)
  3. A rumbling tummy is not an emergency. Don’t touch that envelope unless it’s an emergency
  4. Be kind to yourself when you spend more than necessary
  5. There is no shame in eating but if you are eating out your feelings then it’s time to confront what’s driving you to eat.

Till next time, happy saving and spending friends

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Becoming A Carb Lover Yogi | Catch My Feelings

I found myself in an entanglement but with my emotions. You see the thing with pain it makes you want to seek solace and acceptance in people’s arms who have bills to pay ,a grumpy boss to survive ,black tax and hunger pangs.

I sought understanding and comfort from the wrong people. Try to explain why you will have only lettuce for lunch instead of a crispy cheesy pizza and you will be met with judgement . You begin to expect people to hold their tongue and not say what they want to say despite yourself crumbling.

I have gotten grumpy instead of blocking the noise because people are entitled . Just today someone remarked that “I am glad that I am not as sick as you”. But I owe my body an apology ,my soul a hug and my spirit comfort food because I have entangled myself to an illusion

The thing about pain that only you can feel what you feel. It’s exhausting expecting grace. At one point I felt unloved because I expected my coworker to run around as well when I got sick with fruits or even a text message to check on me. But wasn’t I feeling untitled ?She owed me nothing.

Do not think anyone owes you anything except what they deem you deserve.

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The I In Group

A perfect weekend for me consists of pizza with extra cheese , mango juice (cold) and ice cream on a rainy day in blankets and freshly scented flowers. How perfect would life be if we could get everything we wished for.

I have never had a perfect weekend unless it’s a solo date that usually ends up with me with a book ,a meal and a bag full of candy.

I thought when you confided in someone they would routinely check in to ensure you are okay. Cue “count on me” the banger from Waiting to exhale for this part . God knows I have a mouth that pours into people and that talks when in pain. I told my friends my ailment and I could possibly be dead.

There is an I in group and I have found it. Every day I wake up I do not expect a lit group chat , a funny meme, a GIF that will crack me up because I have no tribe. I have been the girl that visited everyone in hospital, texted non-stop ,prayed for the ailed but it’s my turn and it’s just me and Ed Sheeran .

To be honest I was crippled that people could have lunch dates without me ,move on and get on the bus without me. It’s heartbreaking when the world moves and you remain stagnant .

I however have learnt the art of the shuuush. I no longer speak of the pain I experience ,the sadness that harbours within or the fears howling at the door because there is no silence as painful as that of a friend.

As I continue to be a yogi and a carb lover my Eat,Pray and Love journey has begun. First up is Italy and my tummy is ready for all the pizza that I can eat .

I leave you with the following words:

To those struggling remember you are not alone

To those that feel alone the hummingbird will hum in the morning

To those living with pain ,healing will come at dawn

Remember it’s okay to not have a tribe,show up for yourself and love yourself intentionally

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When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

Just a rant : I have never been to Trinidad and Tobago and now it’s on my bucket list after this book. The cover of this book was everything like how can you not be obsessed with it.

Genre : Folklore/General Fiction

Author: Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

Anci’s Book Summary :

You were never the smartest child, but even you should know that when a dead woman offers you a cigarette, the polite thing to do would be to take it. Especially when that dead woman is your mother (via Goodreads)

The book is an immersive , fast-paced , will not forget about debut from Ayanna Lloyd Banwo. When we were birds tells the story of Darwin who was raised by a devout Rastafarian mother that believed that only the dead should interact with the dead. Alas Darwin gets a job as a gravedigger to sustain and support his mother who is unwell. The desperation of a son to help his mother leads him to work at the cemetery where he meets Yejide who has been bestowed the gift of helping the dead ‘rest’.

What I liked about the book: The plot was intriguing and the way the story was written was engaging ,lyrical and the characters were developed in a way that made you want to read more.

Would you read more books by the author? Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yes


Relatability: ***/*****

Humor : 😂😂😂😂/😂😂😂😂😂

Overall rating : ☕☕☕☕/☕☕☕☕☕

A huge thanks to Penguin Random House and Nataka Books for my ARC . I received a complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Becoming A Carb Lover Yogi

The thing about humor is that it can get you out of awkward situations and lighten the burden of your soul (quote me if you will).

All I remember when we were staring at my test results was that I cracked a joke 🤣. You should have seen the poor radiologist’s face and a part of him (oh bless him) thought I was going to break down and cry . But I don’t cry in public you see because I can’t afford to not because I am wonder woman and have an armour but because no one will be able to tell me my mascara is running or comfort me.

I felt like I had an out of body experience because all I heard was everything wrong not everything right. My first instinct was to tell my friend who also understands what it feels like to have pain but her response made me feel worse than I was. She didn’t care and that scarred me and I reached out to a few people because for the first time in my life I wasn’t fleeting I was reaching out.

I got love notes I didn’t expect such as *buy me that budget binder before you kick the bucket*, please leave me your books and don’t fall in love you can’t burden another human. These are love notes that have no love

The problem with cleaving to people is that you expect a hug , flowers ,a fruit basket or casserole as I have done for countless others. When that doesn’t come you feel insignificant ,sad ,broken and alone. I went through the motions and clamped down.

Three doctor visits later I have zero fruit baskets ,zero flowers and zero calls . Sometimes I crave someone to just text me “how are you Anci” , to send me flowers because they are thinking of me. The thing about being in pain that they don’t tell you is that your body will hurt non stop , you will be bloated ,you will cry out of exhaustion and your diet has to change.

I have nicknamed this foreigner in my body Jericho because unless you slept through Sunday School you know the walls of Jericho fell. This wall will fall! Maybe this is a journey to de-mask every fear in me but I refuse to do it with a frown.

Never have I wanted to be intentional about my fitness ,my reading and my eating habits than now. Who would have thought that I would voluntarily eat veggies and ‘namaste’ my way . This is my journey and I am excited that I am doing this healing journey one plate at a time .

Love note

Elizabeth Gilbert went to India ,Italy and Indonesia but I can’t afford to travel so I will travel one plate at a time and one yoga pose a time .This is my story! Come with me on this journey

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WHAT’S YOUR MOVE by Nicolette Mashile- A Review

Just a rant : Personal finance is exactly that ‘personal’. As crazy as it may sound I am semi-obsessed with reading books about personal finance because I do want to master money and not money mastering me wink wink

Genre : Non-fiction /Personal Finance

Author: Nicolette Mashile

Anci’s Book Summary : What’s your Move is a financial book by Nicolette Mashile (and yes you have seen her on YouTube).

What I liked about the book: Nicolette is funny y’all because the book wasn’t hectic and all . I enjoyed that the financial lessons was told in a series of stories from Nicolette’s perspective.

What I took from the book:

  1. Personal finance is personal
  2. Don’t just save. Have a reason to save
  3. Get a money buddy to keep you accountable
  4. Track your expenses

Do I recommend this book? Yes

Would you read more books by the author? Yes


Relatability: 💰💰💰💰/💰💰💰💰💰

Humor : 😂😂😂😂/😂😂😂😂😂

Overall rating : ☕☕☕☕/☕☕☕☕☕