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My Favorite Books Of October

Happy almost November xx

I can’t wait for November because yoh we can skip all the scary movies *wink* and advance to Christmas. But anyways here are my favorite books of October 2020.

Number of Books Read : 22


African Literature: 5

Romance: 3




NonFiction/Personal Development: 7

Children’s Books:1

Women’s Fiction: 1

Young Adult: 1

Christian Fiction: 1

Horror : 1

Favourite Books:

Hlomu 4: Iqunga by Dudu Busani-Dube – UPPERcase

Review : Read here

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

Read Review here

The Patient by Jasper DeWitt

Read review here

Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

Read Review here

Delilah Now Trending by Power, Pamela | Penguin Random House South Africa

Read Review here

The Kiss Quotient: Hoang, Helen: 9780451490803: Books

Rating: 5*

Girls With Bright Futures by Tracy Dobmeier

Coming out in 2021 but it’s sooo good. It’s like Big Little lies meets the housewives and if you followed the college admission scandal then you can guess what this book is about. It’s about mothers and the daring things they did to try to get their daughters into an elite college.

Rating: 5 sips

The Yearning by Mohale Mashigo

I had slept on this book and i regret it!

Rating: 5*

Manage your money like a f*cking grown up | Buy Online in South Africa |

Buy it and get your money in order

Rating: 5*

Say Yes to Yourself | Book by Molly Burford | Official Publisher Page |  Simon & Schuster

Coming out in November which is a day away but darn this book is life changing


Airborne by DiAnn Mills

I would reread it beacause it was so good

Rating: 4*

Honorable Mention:

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

What was your favorite October book? Let me know in the comments

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Iqunga by Dudu Busani-Dube- A Review

Genre: African Contemporary

Just a rant: Raise your hands if you have read the Hlomu Series more than 6 times (raises 7 times). I absolutely love this series and in an alternative universe me and Dudu are texting buddies *Laugh out loud*

What is this book about: It’s about the Zulu brothers (uhmm hello) but it’s every question we have ever heard about the Zulu Brothers answered. We get to know about where they come from and what happened to them to make them so angry

What I loved about this book: Everything including the part that I begin to like Gugu (slap me with a marshmallow because I don’t know how that happened)

Will I read more books by the author : Yes

Do you recommend this book: Of course

Rating on the sip meter (rating is out of 5):

Definetely a 4.5 so we round up

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Ancillar &The Book- Living Like A Sloth for A Week

So I read The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy by Jennifer McCartney and lived like a sloth for a whole week and this is my Key Takeaway

Key Points From Book:

Slow down and savour every moment

life is short – spend it doing things you love

Weekly Challenge

  1. Slow down and enjoy my breakfast/lunch/dinner
  2. Wake up at a time when I can
  3. Say YES to things I love and NO to things I don’t want to do


  • I changed my waking time and that helped e to start the day positive,upbeat and all
  • I took my time with my food and voila I was not bloated this week
  • Slow to speak-it helped my mouth not say anything I didn’t want to say out loud
  • I did things on my own pace abd i wasn’t overwhelmed

Does the self-care book help:

YES it does! highly recommend it

featured image from

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Just a rant: I read The Switch Before The FlatShare so kinda loved Beth and boy did I love this book (did y’all see that cover?)

What is this book about: This book is about Tiffy and Leon, two different people that share a bed in a gorgeous flat but they are not going to meet. Leon works nights and Tiffy works day, and they set up hours they get the flat so they never bump into each other

What I loved about this book: Tiffy and Leon and the post it notes they left for each other.The chemistry between these two characters was adorable and addictive.

Will I read more books by the author : Yes

Do you recommend this book: Of course

Rating on the sip meter (rating is out of 5):

Definetely a 4.5 so we round up


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Introducing Ancillar &The Book

I am starting something fun and hopefully that will change my life *wink*

What is Ancillar &The Book?

I struggle with reading personal development books including cookbooks because I often forget the lessons in them and don’t implement them so this time around I am actioning all the lessons from the books for my growth (and your amusement). I meant to start last week but proscrastination so I am doing 2 books at once so I can get my life in order

How long will I try to implement this book?

A week! It’s gonna be a good fun 7 days y’all (let’s grow together)

Where will I post my updates?

Instagram! So follow me on Instagram @heyanci

Books I am living by in the next 7 days : The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy (The Little Animal Philosophy  Books) (9780008313692): McCartney, Jennifer: Books
Manage your money like a f*cking grown up | Buy Online in South Africa |

Wish me luck xx

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The Patient – A Review

Just A Rant: I am Scooby Doo’s long lost cousin because I am a coward and thus reading this book was an act of bravery (gimme an award)


Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Ancillar’s Book Summary: I have no words just awe like what did I read. i have so many questions mayn.It tells the story of Parker H., a young psychiatrist, who sort of blogs about his time at a mental hospital in New England and his efforts to cure one bewildering patient.

Cover rating: 3/5

What I Loved About The Book: The plot and the characters

What I didn’t like about the book: nothing really except i have questions like what happened afterwards

Will I be reading more books by the author?Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yep

Overall rating on the sip meter (ratings are out of 5):

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Ties That Tether- A Review

Just A Rant: I was pretty much excited about this book when I heard about it and if it wasn’t enough *smile* the cover called my name so I went in with high expectation but it didn’t go well


Publisher: Berkley

Ancillar’s Book Summary: This book tells the story of a Nigerian woman Azere who has a means well but kinda overbearing mother who wants her daughter to settle down with a Nigerian and thus becomes an over eager matchmaker but her daughter ends up falling for someone totally different and well can’t say what happens without spoiling

Cover rating: 4.7/5

What I Loved About The Book: The love interest Rafael , the romance and Azere’s sister

What I didn’t like about the book: Azere had moments when she drove me insane to be honest (I almost spilled my juice) because she just was a lot sometimes and immature.

Will I be reading more books by the author?Yes

Do you recommend this book? Yep

Overall rating on the sip meter (ratings are out of 5):

This book is more of a 3.5 but we round up

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The Spirit of Shush & Other Adulting Confessions

Hey y’all!

So last week I was under the weather and boy didn’t it give me time to think and pray because what else would I do. While resting and praying I discovered that I had tons of people in my contact list who wouldn’t care less if I was to suddenly drop dead because they wouldn’t cry and i had to make a decision to delete contacts or build a rocket (i went with the contact one) because it’s easier. Here is everything I realised and decided to do about my life and peace :

  1. Friendship Breakups are hard too

i kid you not fam, break ups are harder too. I broke up with one of my dearest and awesome friend that I miss dearly but they also moved on and that’s that.

lesson: when you are a adult your friend list decreases significantly and that’s okay too

Actionable: I deletd some contacts and unfollowed some peeps

2. The shush has arrived in my life

I have always been open about my life but I always told people that could care less about me and I am grateful the shush has arrived .

Lesson: Be careful who you tell your business

Actionable: I keep some things to myself

3. Mental health matters

Lesson: I was tooo tired for anything and constantly passing out at 6 because work did drain me

Actionable: Have a work life balance

4. Always back up your stuff on harddrives

If you have ever lost stuff then you know what I mean

5. Pay yourself first when you get paid

6. Start using anti-wrinkle NOW


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Reading Books That Scare Me Quiet

Happy Monday and cheers to spooky week *raises coffee cup*

I am really terrified to be embarking on this journey because I am a big chicken and Scooby Doo’s immediate cousin but we are doing it and I want you to join me because you are awesome.

I decided to read books that scare me because I want to do something out of my comfort zone because I am that girl.

Come join me on this journey and if you want a Reading Vlog style follow me on Instagram @heyanci

What was the last book that scared you?Let me know in the comments

featured image:

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Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree- A Review


Just a rant: My heart was not ready and while reading tears may have flowed *sighh*

What is this book about: This book is based on the tragic kidnapping of the Chibok girls by Boko Haram. It tells the story of a young girl with big dreams whose father is so supportive. It’so hard not to love Yata but from the initial page I kept on anticipating in dread the moment tragedy would strike. I had to grab tissues when the women and girls along with Yata are kidnapped and all the horrible things that happened.

Will I read more books by the author : Yes

Do you recommend this book: Of course (with a box of tissues)

Rating on the sip meter (rating is out of 5):


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