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I Just Got Paid But I Am Broke And Other Confessions

Payday is basically the best day of the working month. All your hard work for the month is rewarded and of course nothing beats that notification from your bank that your coins are in. Payday also happens to be a nightmare for me because God help me my money personality is a spender . Gosh I spend money by giving excuses such as “I deserve this”, “I have worked hard” , “I need to feel better” and my period just wants to eat .

My excuses may sound stupid but best believe that I use them unashamedly all the time. I hope this post helps you and if not makes you laugh out loud. Here are the mistakes I make after getting paid:

  1. I never review my previous months spending. Goodness gracious me 😂I occasionally track my expenses and best believe I know my purchases are just staying a tad bit longer than an hour in my tummy and flushed away the next month . If you take anything from me is that always review your spending from the prior month to know where your money is going. Unassigned money will assign itself somewhere you won’t like.
  2. I splurge before budgeting

I know your probably thinking girl get out but if we are being honest we all have spent money on weird purchases and darn those taste buds that get hungry for sushi on a bread and polony budget.

Remember budget first and then splurging

3.Not having a budget

Not having a budget is like trying to bake a carrot cake with no carrots. It just won’t work! Have a budget and know where your money is going.

What mistakes do you make after getting paid ?


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